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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you use these products yourself?

      Yes, I love our products - It was the love of a Christmas gift that moved me to start my business.  The Soy Candles are LONG LASTING, CLEAN BURNING and LEFT NO WAX BEHIND!  The Goats Milk Lotion is great for quick relief from dry skin, after a long day of product making (washing my hands constantly) this is my go to.  The Luxurious Foaming Scrub is a great way to get a deep clean and remove dead skin cells, leaving skin soft and smooth.  I have to be honest it took some time before I really started using the Luxurious Body Butter.  Now that I have, I can tell you that this stuff seriously locks in moisture and softens skin.  Our Coconut & Avocado Lip Balm works wonders and glides on so easily.

     My husband has been "testing" some new products for our men's line, which is currently in the works and he really enjoys using them.  

Can I pay in person, if so, how?

     No Problem -  You can pay in person by selecting Manual Payments during the checkout process.  You can also view our Payment Options.

I'm a Manistee local & I'm willing to arrange a place & time to meet up, can I avoid shipping cost?

     I would love to meet up -  Please Contact Us prior to ordering to ensure we can find a place & time that works for you!  We typically pick a public location within the city of Manistee, MI - both for safety reasons and to keep this option, a service provided free of charge, reasonable based on the time and expense associated.  

The item I want has a limited quantity available, is there a way to get more available before finalizing my order?

     Yes -  Every effort will be made to accommodate your request for the quantity needed.  If there is a waiting period for materials, supplies and time to make the additional items, we will discuss this before your order can be placed.  Simply Contact Us before placing your order.  Please provide us with details on what products you are interested in & how we can help.  Be sure to include if products are needed by a specific deadline!  Examples are Special Events, Birthday Presents, Gifts for Bridesmaids and Holidays.

     There is one exception to this - In the event your interested in a clearance item in larger quantities, we are unable to offer additional items at the same price but MAY be able to still make the additional items available.  Please Contact Us to confirm availability. 


While we strive to serve our customers, some request cannot be honored and we apologize

for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Do you have a Question you would like to submit?

Use our Contact Us form, please allow 24 hours for a response.

We look forward to hearing from you and may even add your question to our list of

Frequently Asked Questions.  We Thank You for helping us clarify any questions you may have in advance to make your shopping experience better.

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