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Wick Size Matters

Wick Size Matters

Most people simply don't know how important it is to use the right wick & how keeping it trimmed will keep a steady flame.  We're going to help you understand this better, so that you'll enjoy your candles longer & have them continue to burn clean as intended.

If a candle is made with the wrong size wick you can experience all sorts of issues.  The worst problem would be a candle that "tunnels", that's when a candle doesn't burn the wax on the sides of the container.  When this happens it's because the wick is too small & your left with a lot of extra wax that is not used, in turn wasted money! It's also a waste of money when the wick is too large & burns more wax quickly, leading to a shorter burn time & enjoyment.  We test our candles to ensure this won't happen!

A tip when burning candles is to let it create a FULL "melt pool" the first time it's lit.  By doing this it allows the wax to easily remelt evenly each & every time.  To achieve this you just have to allow it to burn long enough to melt the wax from edge to edge of the container.  To keep a candle cleaner only burn it for 2 hours at a time.  It is EXTREMELY important to make sure you keep those wicks trimmed!  We recommend trimming to 1/4 inch before the candle gets lit.  Keeping it trimmed will reduced the amount of carbon build up, which also will make the candle last much longer along with the scent.  Be careful however to not OVER trim the wick.

Production & Imperfections

Production & Imperfections

We start all of our products with quality base ingredients which is important when determining the quality of our end products.  We also look for the best price available in order to keep our prices affordable for you.  All equipment used is thoroughly cleaned/disinfected to avoid any contamination, keeping our products stable long term & most importantly keeping you safe.  

Once we find the base ingredients we need for our products we start creating.  All products have a specific  product procedure that we follow, ensuring our products remain as uniform as possible from batch to batch.  Keep in mind that as a result of being handcrafted they will vary slightly in appearance.  We do our best to always line up labels and fill containers as full as we see fit, depending on the container.  However, please understand that our candles are filled by sight and poured by hand.  

100% Soy wax is especially prone to having "imperfections" something you may notice in our candles.  One of those is "frosting" which refers to the appearance of white crystal like formations, often seen on the outside and on top of the candle.  Another common one is "sink holes" which refers to holes that form, as the candle cools.  You usually will see sink holes in the area around the wick and you won't see this on the outside of candle.  Lastly, you may notice "wet spots" which refers to the wax pulling away from the container as it cools.  You may notice this especially in winter as the wax contracts and shrinks due to the cold.  None of these "imperfections" change the quality or it's ability to burn and perform as expected.  While we put a tremendous amount of focus on the quality and appearance of our products we don't stress over these "imperfections" rather we like to refer to them as "unique characteristics".   

Why Buy From Us?

We only sell products that we would use in our own household, if it's not up to our standards we won't sell it.  You can rest assured that we are focused on building a solid, strong standing business from the ground up.  Our belief is that being debt-free is the way to go, in our personal lives and with Peachyfrog.  It may take more effort staying on top of our spending starting out...  However we believe strongly that this will keep our business around for many years to come.


Our soy candles are not mixed with other waxes such a paraffin like most "name Brand" companies do.  If you've ever bought a candle that said "made with soy wax" and later noticed they also used paraffin, then you know what i'm talking about.  It's the same for our lip balm, we believe that as a product that goes on your lips it should be as simple and natural as possible.  


We are a small business that needs your help to grow!  Supporting small business helps support families directly & encourages sales through independent business owners instead of mass producers.  Most money made as a small business owner typically goes back to the community in one way or another.  

When you support small businesses it is so much more than just another purchase or sale.  It takes a lot of work to manage the in's and out's of a business, that deserves some recognition on it's own.  We've put everything we got into creating our brand, using our unique individual creativity.  When you buy our products you are really buying a piece of who we are and showing support for all the hard work that went into our products.  This is just a bonus to the fact you'll receive a handcrafted quality product to enjoy.

We know you work hard for your money & that every dollar counts.  We fully understand how important it is to make every dollar count which is why our products are high quality & worth the cost.  We don't use multiple sale gimmicks to confuse you just to get a sale.  We aim to make your shopping experience as easy and simple as we can.  

If you don't find what your looking for please use our contact form to tell us what it is!  We plan to continuously grow and expand to better suit your needs.  Your comments and suggestions are a vital part of this process.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Why Buy From Us
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