Cooling Muscle Rub

Cooling Muscle Rub


Available in 1 Fl. oz. or 4 Fl. oz. Bottles


Are you an athlete or live a very active lifestyle?  Do you have sore aching muscles at the end of the day?  Do you experience muscle cramping?  We have a solution to help you feel better and be ready to tackle the next task at hand!  


Along with drinking plenty of water, our Cooling Muscle Rub can help alleviate your tightened muscle to eliminate your sore muscles.   Use at the first sign of aches & pains to find relief before the pain gets worse.  Apply as much as needed to satisfy your particular needs, this will depend on your current situation.  Simply rub onto skin and massage into the muscles that are affected by pain or discomfort.  Reapply as needed.  Be sure to wash your hands after use to avoid accidental exposure to sensitive areas including your face.


Caution:  Menthol can be very irritating when applied to mucous membranes, use caution to avoid when applying.  Keep away from eyes, nose, genital area and other sensitive areas.  DO NOT apply to wounds, damaged skin or use with heating pads, devices or bandages.  Wash hands immediately after use to avoid contact with face or eyes.  For external use only.


Our muscle rub is only available as "original".  The addition of our usual scent options would either be covered up completely or potentially create an unpleasant scent.  This is because it has a natural minty/menthol smell with extremely subtle hints of rosemary and eucalyptus oils.

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